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About Techforlogy

About to Read and Experience (The Greatest Story Every Written)

Life can get challenging sometime’s
Resolving those challenges are more important than the challenge itself.
Our world has had many ups and down’s
Its the down sides that needs to be-fixed and resolved.

You need more hands to make big things happen.
That’s what techforlogy is all about.
Like the way two hands working together accomplish more things.
Techforlogy was born on grounds that our world needs more than help.

Venturing out into the toughest problems our world faces.
Was is worth it every second it was worth it.
it was worth every sweat
it was worth every hour everyday.

most days my back can’t life up my own body
it was too heavy and too tired and too much in pain.
i just force my self out of bed carrying the world’s pain.
its like the full worlds pain was on my back and shoulders.

i get to my tablets.
back and body pain.
2 and 4 tablets don’t do the job.
across 8 hours after am awake 8 tablets do the job.

and my back is light again back to work while my body is in work swing again.
I increase my work speed like god speed doing as much as I can.
Some days I work 16 hours a day, that’s normal worked for me.
Some days I worked 24 hours a day.

And some days work stretches to 36 hours continuous to 48 hours and 72 hours.
i remember one day i was so deep into work and more than important was my work.
my body’s support was beyond words. my brother came by.
i told him, i though you were coming after 5 days.

he said George! it is 5 days.
then in shock counting time backwards i remembered its been 5 days at work.
i still didn’t feel hungry.
my capacity to go without eating or taking breaks had gone to 5 days now.

i set aside to try it and was astonished what new skill i have achieved and i did it for 7 days
was my record. my brain just needed to restart.
And its that deep in sleep my eyes were giving up shutting down
like my eye lids were getting heaver by the ton with each passing minute.

and that split second i resolved world unemployment.
a solution that will take away world unemployment forever.
i’m fighting with my body got of the chair on the ground with the book i wrote the solution
and a message take for logic. and my body shut down.

the next day after 14 hours my body starts back up again.
rise and shine. filled my big mug of espresso.
usually it takes me 3 of those to just start my day.
i look at what i wrote.

i understood it was the solution of a life time that can help billions and billions families.
it can help in billions generations to come and help billions world’s.
take for logic was a simple math solution to a very complex problem in our world.
unemployment gone forever in our world for everyone.

solving probably the biggest problem on earth unemployment.
with unemployment gone.
poverty will be gone forever world wide as well,
no more poverty for anyone.

homeless will be gone forever for everyone world wide as well,
no more homeless people in the world.
and hunger gone as well world wide.
i had these dreams and visions gods writer wake up wake up

let get to work like i have unseen power helping me every since.
they just didn’t drop the bag of cash in my house
i have to earn that or long ago i would resolved these problems in our world.
and take for logic grew in unlimited power and knowledge and became Techforlogy over time.

So here is a company that’s the crown of crowns for company’s.
that’s built on everything
millions company’s, entrepreneurs, and billions customers are looking out for.
Don’t know how many billions and billions prayers and works and people

it took our world to get this far but here it is now. Techforlogy Pvt Ltd.

It the biggest honor to introduce this company. i’m looking to empower 1 million business,entrepreneurs and company’s.
that would achieve what Techforlogy is setting out to achieve.

there billions opportunities
and incomes that are opening up because of Techforlogy for our World.
And any other world. if we own this galaxy who owns the next one.

i know they out there and yes don’t be surprised if your not the smartest.

With more than love and honor and respect i present Techforlogy Pvt Ltd to the world love for all.